How to deal with a rescued animal?

  • by Admin
  • 12th July, 2019

Rescued animals are the most vulnerable creatures because of the abuse they go through, in addition to that, there is absolutely no way they can express their pain and hurt. Lack of ability to convey the pain makes the situation a lot more problematic and since animals can’t speak, they have to suffer a lot in such cases. Even after getting rescued, they are traumatized and need special care. If you are planning to bring a rescued animal home, following are the tips to deal with it effectively

  • First and foremost, don’t bring the animal to an empty home. Make sure you have the ID tag, leash/belt, toys like a ball, grooming essentials, potty training stuff depending on the animal, and most importantly food along with the bowls. 

  • Secondly, you need to be very patient with the animal. Remember that he must be afraid and scarred and therefore, would not immediately become friends with you.

  • Remember the first few days will be stressful with the rescued pet and the animal might not adjust to the environment instantly. Therefore, you will need to put in extra effort to understand his nature and personality. 

  • Make the animal feel safe at home. Don’t make very loud noises instantly and gradually introduce him to unfamiliar sounds like television, vacuum, and generator, etc.